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        The new co-way commitment


        To become Asia's leading integrated logistics and supply chain management and operational service providers.


        Shenzhen Xinhe drive supply chain Co., Ltd. (hereinafter: the new co-drive supply chain) to forward-looking business philosophy and innovative mode of operation, the successful integration of a variety of effective resources at home and abroad, the application of advanced information technology, to build a safe and efficient and collection business flow, logistics, capital flow, information flow, "four one" supply chain management platform.


        The new co-drive the supply chain to the customers needs, through the promotion of customer supply chain integration and innovation, to provide customers with overseas procurement / distribution, domestic distribution, supply chain finance and supply chain management solutions, and so on. Help clients focus on their core business; customers by promoting non-core business outsourcing, to help customers improve the overall competitiveness of the supply chain, thereby strengthening the core competitiveness of our customers.


        The new co-drive the supply chain's other features with New International Logistics, a combination of the food supply chain management company. Together to create a new international logistics focus more professional international logistics service brand, providing customers with different needs to provide professional, differentiated Lean Service; a combination of the food supply chain to focus on creating a one-stop leisure food imports platform for foreign suppliers set up a smooth bridge between domestic manufacturers and importers, distributors, and end channels.


        Based on the understanding of customer needs, the new co-drive supply chain offers the following products and services:


        Integrated supply chain management consulting and design

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